Sunday, June 15, 2014

What is your money worth?

It doesn't matter if you are worth a lot of money or make a great living. It doesn't matter if you have a minimum wage job or $100,000 in debt. When you die all of that adds up to a big fat ZERO. What are you doing to help someone's hope in eternity? What are you doing to help someone's hope now? If you aren't serving someone's spirit for God, you may die with nothing.

Don't die with nothing. Don't judge anybody else because when you do your own judgment is Now. As you judge others, the exact same judgment is on you. Serve God. Keep your eyes on the unseen things because that is what is eternal. Love one another because Christ lives for them just as He lives for you. Don't let Satan let you think you can judge because somebody doesn't seem successful, or even doubt their effort when you do not know what they are up to. You only know they are not where you are. Don't give Satan a stronghold by thinking you got it figured out.

Don't judge. You can never know what is going on in someone's heart and judging, you judge yourself and you die. Don't die but live!

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